Inspirational Quotes from Expat Women Influencers

They are strong, they are resilient, they are empathetic, they are willing to take risks. They are expat women.

Moving to a new country is not for the faint-hearted. There are innumerable hurdles and challenges as one navigates a new country whether it’s finding accommodation, looking for a job, starting a business, making friends, learning a new language or adapting to a new culture. And being a minority, a woman, a woman of color can sometimes make it even harder. But despite all this, many immigrant women across the globe have excelled in their careers and are living rewarding and happy lives in their new country.

Here are four trailblazing expat women who have not only achieved much success in the US but are also influencers and role models to other expats in the community and beyond. We have had the opportunity to have them speak at The Expat Woman events and are delighted to share their personal mantras with you.


Solu Nwanze, Business Operations Leader & Executive Coach

Expat from Nigeria

“My personal guiding principle is to Stand in Truth and Give with Love.” 


Ha Nguyen, Partner and Founding Member at Spero Ventures

Expat from Vietnam

“You’ll be remembered for the lives you’ve touched, not the career you built. How can you be helpful, pay it forward, and inspire others to be the best versions of themselves?” 


Arjita A. Sethi, Co-Founder at Equally

Expat from India 

“The best time to start anything is now! It’s never going to be perfect so don’t wait and get your hands dirty right away.” 


Eva Helen, Founder, and CEO at EQ Inspiration 

Expat from Sweden

“If every man does a little bit more for equality and advancement of women in the workplace, we will see the change that women are tirelessly working towards.” 

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