May 1, 2021


Hey there, this is Nyna Caputi! Thanks for stopping by to check out my website.

I founded The Expat Woman in 2013 to provide an in-person and virtual platform for professional women across the globe to engage, educate, and empower them through our community, content, events, and programs.

I started with a network of 0 and today have over 13K diverse, dynamic and talented women in my network.

I am also the creator of The Digital Event Academy, Start Yours Conference and Bootcamp, All-Women Hackathon, Female Founders Pitch Female Funders, Empowered  Conference and Survive and Thrive Abroad Summit.

I also help individuals and organizations host high-converting virtual events to grow their visibility, influence and following and generate revenue.

I love inspiring, empowering and connecting people through my events and community.

Before I ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and events, I made an award winning feature length documentary film about gender discrimination and violence in India and the Indian expat community in the US and Canada.

Because of the film and the awareness campaigns I spearheaded I was awarded  ‘Woman of the Year’  by the California Legislature Assembly District 14 and the ‘Global Influencer 2019’ award by  Women Empowerment Awards North America

honor dateMar 2015  honor issuer

You can follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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