New Year’s Eve Virtual Party Ideas to Ring in 2021

2020 is finally coming to an end and what a crazy year it’s been. Don’t let the pandemic stop you from bringing out the bubbly and ringing in 2021 with a Virtual New Year’s Eve Party with family, friends or your customers. 

Wondering where to start, don’t worry! Virtual events are easy to host and won’t break the bank. After months of hosting high-performing online events, I’ve got tons of ideas for you to entertain your guests in a unique way and end this year on a high note.

Also Zoom has lifted the 40 minute limit on Zoom meetings on the 31st, so you can bring in the new year and party till the wee hours of the morning.  The best part about this  is that you and your guests can call in from the comfort of your homes, and you don’t have to drive and deal with drunken drivers on the roads.

Here are 6 creative ideas to host a fabulous NYE’s party


A party, especially a new year’s eve one isn’t festive without some music. Have your guests send you a song in advance to include in your “NYE 2020” mix. Use a free platform like Spotify to curate and create a shared playlist. You can play the soundtrack before the party starts, in the background during the party while there is some downtime or the guests are mingling, while playing one of the virtual games I’ve shared below.Play the music in the background while your guests mingle during the virtual party. Make sure the music is low enough to allow your guests to talk over it. You can also send them the playlist in your thank you e-mail after the event.


Kick off the party with a NYE themed icebreaker. Have each of your guests answer a few questions. Whether your guests know each other or not, having some icebreaker questions will get the party and conversations going. Here are some suggestions:

Pick one word to describe 2020

If you could travel, where would you ring in the New Year?

Is there a resolution you make every year but can never make it happen?

What are you most excited about this upcoming year?

What is your New Year’s Eve drink of choice?

Parties or staying at home on New Years Eve?



Ask your guests to dress up so they actually feel like they are attending a NYE’s party in person. You could do a formal dress party like a classic black and white, throw in masquerade masks if you want to take it to the next level, or even have a pajama party.  Have everyone vote for the best dressed and offer a prize to the winner.



Choose a theme for the background. It could be a NYE background, a background of the place where they would like to be celebrating if they could travel or anything else that you think would resonate with your guests. You can even have a prize for the best one.



Do a goal setting or resolution activity for 2021. Or if anyone in your network is a yoga or meditation expert , include a short session to get your guests ready to take on the New Year. 



Create a list of NYE themed items that guests can find around their house like champagne glasses, a 2021 calendar, NYE decorations, a noisemaker, a clock, a party hat, you get the idea. To play, just fire off prompts and whoever brings the item back first gets a point. Plus you can award extra points if that person shares more about the object.



Put your guest’s New Year’s Eve knowledge to the test with little known as well as popular fun facts. For this activity, your  guests can play individually or you can break them up into groups for some additional bonding.  You can find a ton of trivia ideas online.



You can host a virtual dance for your virtual party.You can find YouTube DJ playlists or you can create your own playlist. If anyone in your group of guests is a good dancer, have him or her lead or share some moves. 



Take turns sharing photos from your favorite memories of 2020 and of things you’re looking forward to in 2021. If using Zoom, you can use the screenshare option. Or have your guests send the photos to you ahead of time so you put together a slideshow. And keep the memories going by taking a group screenshot photo together.



NYE celebrations across the globe like the Ball Drop in Times Square New York are going virtual this year. Based on your time zone and the time of your party, you can kick off or end the party with live streaming one of these global celebrations by sharing your screen with your guests. You can start a countdown and have guests leave comments in the chat box



If the list of ideas above has inspired you to go ahead and throw the best virtual party, here is a sample agenda and timeline to help you get started. The ideal length would be 90 – 120 mins. 

  • 0:00 – 0:15: Party begins and guests log in / get settled. Make sure you are online to greet them as they sign up. You could have them answer the trivia questions while you are waiting for all the guests to call inf. If using Zoom meetings, you can do this by creating a poll. 

  • 0:15 – 0:30: Welcome from the host and review of the party agenda. During this time you can mention any special activities that you have planned. 

  • 0:30 – 0:45: Kick off the party with an icebreaker.

  • 0:45 – 1:15: Host games, activities, contests and award prizes

  • 1:30 – 1:55: Dance party and watch a livestream NYE countdown or celebration

  • 1:55 – 2:00: Closing thanks from the host

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