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November 7th, 8th and 9th are going to be action-packed with presentations and roundtable discussions with over 15+ amazing speakers.
It may be overwhelming to watch every video and you might not be able to catch all of them because of your time zone.
If you bought a free ticket, the recordings will only be available for 24 hours after the video goes live.

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 With our premium packages you  get lifetime, unlimited access to the presentations so you can watch them at your pace and convenience. The packages also include  opportunities to connect with the guests and speakers at our virtual networking sessions and tons of fabulous bonuses from our speakers and partners





– VIP Access to all presentations on Nov. 7th – no waiting for you!

–  Access to all the 15+ speaker presentations for one year( $1200+ value)

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– Slides from some of the speakers presentations

– Access to speaker presentations from our Survive and Thrive Abroad Summit

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Opportunity to win VIP prizes ($500 + value)



Leverage LinkedIn Expat VIP Package  
Nyna Caputi

This bundle includes a LinkedIn playbook with valuable LinkedIn tips, LinkedIn workshops, new features, how-to and training videos to help you be strategic with navigating this platform and stand out as an expat professional.

Regular Price: $750

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
Nyna Caputi

In this impostor syndrome guide and workbook, you will get insider tips and exercises to help you kick impostor syndrome to the curb.

Regular Price: $37

Coaching Business Start-Up 7-day e-course
Dominika Miernick 

In this 7-day training, you’ll set goals, plan your passion pursuit, and shift to an entrepreneur mindset while refining your ideal clients and marketing strategy.

Regular Price: $97

Expat Limiting Beliefs Buster Empowerment Workshop            Andrea Hunt

 Unleash Your Expat Potential! Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Negative Self-Talk, and Rebuild Confidence and try EFT Tapping, the super power against negative self talk and self-sabotage and doubting yourself. Join my workshop to conquer expat challenges and rediscover your inner strength abroad. Rewrite your expat story with renewed confidence

Regular Price: 59$

Expat Women: Own Your Power Workbook
Moumita Das Roy

set of questions and to-dos when you are ready to plunge in to restart your career in another country.

Regular Price: $199

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Mini training The Expat’s Path
Amand Maxine

Stuck in a pattern that you just can’t seem to change? Based on a popular exercise with my 1:1 coaches, the Expat’s Path is a mini online training that will help you identify at what level your block lies – so you’ll know exactly what to change to generate a different outcome.

Regular Price: $57

flourish the foreign

Move Abroad with Intention
Christine Job

This 45+ page guide is the first step in your move abroad journey (and should be referred to even once you are abroad). Build a solid foundation of your moving abroad game plan, ensuring that you not only move abroad but thrive abroad.

Regular Price: $20

Start Your Own Successful Portable Career ( 5 Day Online Course & Workbook)
Dominika Miernik

In this course you will learn how to find your own portable career idea, what are the top 5 fears that can stop you and how to overcome them 

Regular Price: $78

TBE Cover Letter _ Resume Guide

The Product: Mastering the Cover Letter & Resume: Starter Kit
Amanda Bates

Launch your expat job search with this cover letter and resume kit to help you stay on track as you formalize your international plans. These templates are aimed at guiding you through the steps of building your job application portfolio.

Regular Price: $199

The Expat Woman Virtual Summit 2023 Family Medical Binder

Expat Family Medical Binder
Lisa Mitchell

A 35 Page PDF Medical Planner/Binder with templates designed to capture all pertinent family medical information, including children’s information, Medical, and Health Insurance records, medical visits, multiple health trackers, and more.

Regular Price: $30

That's over $2000 worth of bonuses!



Lifetime access to summit talks

– VIP Access to all presentations on Nov. 8th – no waiting for you!

– Three Months Access to all the  speaker presentations( $1200+ value)

One Exclusive Speed Networking Session with the speakers and all-access pass and expat power pack guests ( $200 value)




                Everything in the All-Access Pass PLUS more

     – VIP Access to all presentations on Nov. 8th – no waiting for you!

– Three Months Access to all the peaker presentations a ( $1200+ value)

Two Exclusive Speed Networking Sessions with the speakers and the other guests ($400 value)

VIP Access to Premium Bonus Content ($2000 + value)

Opportunity to win VIP prizes ($500 + value)


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The Expat Woman Summit is for anyone who has moved to a new country, is planning to move there, has repatriated back to their country of origin, has a partner or spouse who is an expat or is interested in learning about the challenges and successes of being an expat and connecting with other global citizens.

For all three days of the summit ( Nov. 7 – 9), that’s day content will become available to free ticket holders. Free ticket holders will have access to videos for up to 24 hours after they go live. All-Access Pass Holders and the Expat Power Pack Holders will have one-year access to these videos and can watch them as many times as they like at their convenience

All the presentations will be available to view on November 7th and you will have one-year of unlimited access as an All-Access Pass or Expat Power Pack holder. Expat Power Pack holders will also get access to the bonuses by November 11th.  

All-Access Pass holders and the Expat Power Pack ticket holders can participate in two virtual networking sessions on Nov. 7th at 7pm PST and Nov. 8th at Noon PST.           

We are confident that you will love the All-Access Pass and the Expat Power Pack because of all the amazing value it contains. Nowhere else will you find all these experts on expat living gathered in one place. We are unable to offer refunds to individuals who purchase either package.

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