Celebrating International Women's DAY


The Expat Woman Virtual Summit is the premiere virtual event for  women who live abroad, are planning to move abroad,  digital nomads, repats or anyone who enjoys or is interested in international living, 

Join these speakers: expat women experts and influencers and get tips, insights and strategies to find belonging, community and be empowered abroad.


You have to deal with …

Feeling like an outsider


Navigating a new culture

Finding your purpose

Communication barriers

Thriving in the workplace


We’ve got you covered!

On this International Women’s Day,  join us for an immersive, empowering and transformative virtual event designed exclusively to help women abroad find solutions to the challenges they face with finding belonging, community and being empowered.

Over the past decade of The Expat Woman, we’ve witnessed incredible stories of resilience, success, and personal growth among expat women, and we’re excited to bring you women in our network and beyond to share their experiences, insights and tips with you.

By attending the Expat Woman Summit, you’ll not only gain new knowledge and tools  from our speakers but you’ll also be part of a network of women who are on a similar journey.  Join us to learn how you can make your expat experience more fulfilling and empowering.



The Expat Woman Summit will run from March 6th to March 8th with a variety of presentations to choose from each day.


I don’t know about you, but I prefer to leave my house as little as possible. With that being said, you can tune into the summit from anywhere with Internet access.


Presentations will include solo speakers and the panel discussion and will vary from 20 to 45 minutes in length. The presentations and panel discussion will be available for 24 hours after they go live.


You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be partying it up and getting to know each other before the and during the summit . There will also be opportunities to connect online during the summit.


As an attendee you’ll have the chance to win prizes and giveaways from us and our partners in our Facebook group and during the summit based on your engagement, showing up and exciting “competitions”.

All-Access Pass and Expat Power Pack

After registering, you can also upgrade to our All-Access Pass or the Expat Power Pack. Includes access to all the speaker talks, guides,  group mentoring mini-courses, and workbooks and more from our speakers and partners.


With this ticket, you can watch all  the presentations for free.

You will have access to each of them for 24 hours after they go live.


Hi, I’m your Summit Host, Nyna Caputi, CEO and Founder of The Expat Woman. I am so delighted to bring you The Expat Woman Summit. 


I am what one might call an “accidental expat”. I am originally from India and now live the San Francisco Bay Area in the US. I came to New York to study film and ended up meeting and marrying my husband who is third generation Italian and Swiss French, and born and raised in San Francisco.

Moving to a new country especially since I wasn’t planning to make it my home was hard. Despite having a loving husband, I missed my family and friends, my country and the life I was used to. I didn’t have much of a professional or personal network, and struggled to create one. And looking for a job was a challenge especially since many jobs in the US are through referrals.

I looked for expat groups where I could meet other immigrant women online or in person and also find resources to navigate expat life. This was in 2003 and they were non-existent. That’s when the idea for creating The Expat Woman came about. It took me 10 years ( as I got caught up with work, raising a family and making a feature length documentary film) but in 2013, I launched The Expat Woman in the beautiful city by the Bay. 

My mission is to help women like me who move abroad to make valuable connections, find jobs, start businesses, and find the support they need to navigate their personal and professional lives in a new country through our content, community and curated events.


Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. Here are  the topics and line up of our  expert speakers from across the globe.

Nyna Caputi

Founder/CEO of The Expat Woman, LinkedIn Coach
Personal Branding to Craft your Identity Abroad 

Tanja Saarinen Chávez

Intercultural Communication Coach
How to Overcome Communication Barriers Caused by Cultural Differences

Patricia Brooks

Expat Empowerment Coach
How to Stop Being an Outsider Abroad

Megan Norton

Intercultural and TCK Trainer
How Adult Third Culture Kids can Cultivate a Sense of Belonging

Solveiga Jaskunas

HR Consultant/Career Coach 
How Employers can Make Workspace more Inclusive for International Employees

Hedi Kovacs-Resnik

Executive Coach 
How to Step Out from Your Linguistic and Cultural Comfort Zone to Thrive in the Workplace  

Arlette Chatlein

Expat Partner Coach
Connecting Before Moving: How to Create Connections Before You Move

Thais Silva

Expat Career & Life Coach
How to Build Meaningful Connections in a Foreign Country 

Heather Courtney

Founder of Black in Portugal
How to Create Your Community Abroad if it Doesn’t Exist 

Amélie Papin

Wellness, Mental Fitness (PQ) Leadership Coach for Expats & Repats
How Expats and Repats can Feel Grounded and at Home

Amy Amann

Leadership and Career Coach
How International Professionals Can Succeed in the Workplace

Deema Ghata-Aura

Executive Coach for Expat Leaders
How the Power of Energy Leadership can Awaken Your Potential and Transform Your Impact as an Expat Woman

Isabelle Peyrichoux

Leadership and Purposeful Career Coach
Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential as an Expat Woman by Harnessing the Power of the Enneagram  

Daniela Draugelis

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Trainer & Consultant
Developing Cultural Intelligence For Success Abroad 

Iliana Quinonez

Founder/CEO IQ Accelerate & Networking Coach
How to be Successful as an Expat Woman in the Male Dominated Industry  

Jovelle Fernandez

Author of “The Expat” & C-Suite Heathcare Executive
Bringing Out the Real Best You


Navine Eldesouki

Founder of Coffee With An Expat

Kerline Hilaire

Co-CEO – Raise Faith Company

Janeen Sonsie

Breakthrough Coach

Charlotte Van Horn

Founder/CEO Black Expats In Panama ®️




Here are what some past attendees of our summit had to say

“Thank you for such an insightful event! I’m really happy I learned about it and hoped in at the last moment. Appreciate all the great advice and life stories these amazing women share with us during 3 days of the summit.” – Alisa , The Expat Woman Summit 2023 attendee

“I’m so glad I came across this summit! I really enjoyed and felt educated by the depth and breadth of topics available, and appreciated the ability to watch and learn from wherever, whenever.” – Katie, The Expat Woman Summit 2023 attendee


You do not need to be an expat woman to attend this summit. This event is open to anyone interested in expat life.

The summit runs from March 6th to the 8th. Because our speakers and guests are based across the world and want to be able to give folks in different time zones a chance to attend at least part of the summit live, we will run the presentations in different time zones.The Facebook community will be available right when you get your ticket! 

We have broken up our presentations into three days of the summit.

They will be available to be viewed each day for all free-ticket holders from 8am PST for 24 hours as we know our guests may have other engagements..

So you can watch them anytime during the 24 hours.

If you want ongoing video and audio access you can purchase the All-Access Pass or the Expat Power Pack.

Each video will be available for 24 hours after it goes live. However, you can grab the All-Access Pass to get unlimited access to all of the videos and all the additional goodies that come with it. 

To avoid tech glitches, save my sanity, and keep things easy for the speakers, the presentations are pre-recorded and will be released on each day of the summit under the theme for that day. 

All of our speakers for this summit have been hand-picked and our slots are currently full. However, we’re open to additional affiliates or potential speakers for our summit in Nov. 2024. If you’re interested in affiliate details or being considered for our summit in Nov. 2024, email us at info@theexpatwoman.com.

No problem! Shoot an email over to info@theexpatwoman.com and we’ll get back to you within 3 – 5 business days.


With this ticket, you can watch all  the presentations for free.

You will have access to all of them for 24 hours after each one goes live.



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