20 Things Expat Women Love about San Francisco

” I left my heart in San Francisco”.  San Francisco one of the most popular tourist destinations, has inspired many a love song. It is a city that symbolizes peace, love and happiness, a city where artists, entrepreneurs and techies rub shoulders.

Here is what expat women love about San Francisco

  1. The diversity and exposure to pretty much all cultures in one place.
  2. The public celebration of festivals from around the world.
  3. People are laid back, interesting, friendly and welcome immigrants.
  4. The old Victorian and Edwardian homes.
  5. The beautiful Bay.
  6. Ocean Beach.
  7. Golden Gate Park
  8. The museums and art galleries
  9. The incredible variety of food for every palate, budget, and diet.
  10. The variety and diversity of food trucks
  11. The rolling hills.
  12. That whole city is only 7 miles long and you can walk across it.
  13. Feel safe walking on the streets no matter what time of the day
  14. Unpredictable weather- every day is a new day
  15. The flexibility of both public transportation and driving when needed
  16. Lots of outdoor activities through the year
  17. The cable cars.
  18. Support for small businesses.
  19. Environmentally conscious city.



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