The Expat Woman

October 22, 2020

Amanda Bates, Founder & Creative Director at The Black Expat

Repat in the USA, was an expat in the Middle East.

As a third culture kid, Amanda’s interest in navigating cross-cultural spaces and identity started young. Her American-born, African raised perspective continues to influence her as she leads the creative direction of The Black Expat and tells the stories that need to be told. She also hosts the Global Chatter podcast which takes a deeper dive into these conversations. Amanda has been featured in a number of publications including the Wall Street Journal & Global Living Magazine discussing the intersections of black identity and living abroad. She has traveled to five continents, lived on three and most proud of her uncanny ability to recite 1990s music lyrics in the most random situations. In addition to The Black Expat, Amanda manages Bates Consulting, a career consulting practice that helps clients build the careers they love.

Title: Panelist on the Roundtable Discussion “The Power of Women’s Networks and Expat Communities”


  • The importance of finding a community abroad and how to go about finding one?
  • Tips on creating your own community for expats

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