The Expat Woman

Emotional Health and Empowerment for Expat Life Using EFT Tapping

Andrea Hunt

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Andrea Hunt is an American world-traveling transformational coach and EFT practitioner and the founder of Living Deliberately Today: Personal Empowerment Coaching for a Better Life. She is a published co-author of the book: Overcoming Self Sabotage: 11 Stories of How to Get Rid of Destructive Habits.

She helps people step out of their comfort zones without stress, self-doubt, and overwhelm so they can master the art of living deliberately. Using the clarity and power of coaching and the power of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), she helps clear negative emotional blocks to confidence, self-worth, and self-love that can hold us back and cause self-sabotage.

Andrea is based most of the year in Germany and Spain and offers private and group sessions online, in-person and online workshops, and is also a co-working trip leader for digital nomads.

Expat Limiting Beliefs Buster Empowerment Workshop

Unleash Your Expat Potential! Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Negative Self-Talk, and Rebuild Confidence and try EFT Tapping, the super power against negative self talk and self-sabotage and doubting yourself. Join my workshop to conquer expat challenges and rediscover your inner strength abroad. Rewrite your expat story with renewed confidence

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