The Expat Woman

October 22, 2020

Andrea McKenna Brankin, Author of Bipolar Phoenix & Mental Health Advocate at Andrea/Berryhurst Consulting

Originally from US and currently an expat in Singapore

Andrea is an American journalist with 30 years experience who has recently published a book about her life with Bipolar Disorder, called Bipolar Phoenix (available on and Kindle). She has lived in Singapore for the past 9 years with her husband and 8-year-old daughter. Andrea runs the Listen Ladies support group for the American Women’s Association to give members a place to share problems and concerns in our expat lives…All moods welcome! She also volunteers to teach conceptual writing for the Writing Through charity, which serves marginalized communities in Singapore, including elderly women, children in recovery from abuse, special needs people and more. Andrea also is a certified yoga teacher and has been a mentor and resident director to help overseas college students adjust to living abroad.

Title: Am I going crazy? How to manage mental health in expat life

Living abroad can produce a range of possibly unfamiliar feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, feeling out of control and other mental health symptoms. Learn to identify different symptoms and see how and when you need to address them with medical help, therapy support, complementary therapies and/or lifestyle changes to help you adjust. Find solutions to apply to your expat life. Managing change is challenging but you can overcome them with the right information and support. You are not alone!

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