The Expat Woman

October 26, 2020

Char Tamason, Founder & Director of Health by Intuition


I am Char Tamason, meditation teacher, intuitive healer, and intuitive coach. I have a passion for personal growth, learning, teaching, and being of service. Meditation and energy work have transformed my health and my life. My desire now is to help others do the same by guiding them intuitively to connect with their own inner wisdom and teaching tools I’ve learned over my years of study and practice.

Intuition: Your Greatest Tool to Thrive

In this presentation, Char will teach you about your intuition – your innate wisdom – that will never lead you astray. That’s right, it is always in line with your highest good. I will talk about: What it is, how we tap into it, and how we distinguish between intuition and the mind. I will guide you on an exercise to practice tapping into your intuition and feeling the difference between an intuitive ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’ You can use these tools every day in your personal life to build more trust in your intuition. 


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Online from Nov. 7th to Nov.9th