The Expat Woman Club

an online venue for dynamic women to connect, learn, share and collaborate globally.

We are an international social and professional club and are open to women from across the globe. Our members can connect and have conversations with like-minded local and expat women, ask questions and share experiences in a safe and empowering community, get advice if new to a city or country, access our curated opportunities, perks and resources, organize or participate in online and in person events, network with women leaders, change makers and influencers and most importantly, support each other in achieving their personal and career goals.

Join this global community of women with diverse backgrounds, interests and professions.

To join The Expat Woman Club you need to be 21+ and identify as a woman.



Meet Locals and other Expat Women

Make new friends and expand your network

Connect with women who share your interests or are in similar professions, who live near you or are from the same country of origin.

Develop Your Personal and Professional Skills

Invest in yourself and find your path

Learn the skills you need to excel at work and in your personal life from women who are experts in their fields, through webinars, events online workshops, group mentoring and AMAs.

Promotions, Perks and Content

Gain exclusive information for members only

Receive regular updates and content on what’s happening in your industry, your areas of interest or in your region and deals on products, services and events from our partners.

Connections, Resources and Opportunities for our Members

Navigate and Explore a New City or Country

Get advice from expats and locals when you relocate

Get answers and suggestions to questions you have regarding housing, jobs, schools, starting a business, things to do and more about the city or country you have moved to.

Lead, Connect and Empower

Inspire, engage and give back

Get involved in our community as a speaker, mentor, connector, organize events for our members in your city and participate in online conversations and discussions and grow your personal brand.

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Engaging. Educating. Empowering

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