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“Bike to Work Look for a Busy Start-Up Mom”

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Name: Olga Mack

Current gig: Startup attorney at Zoosk

Country of origin: Ukraine

Dream job: Love my current job!

Describe your look:

As a busy, working mother of two toddlers, durability, versatility, and comfort are crucial. My clothes must accommodate hugging my kids in the morning, daily work duties, and a 40 minute commute which involves BART and walking or biking. With all of these very different activities going on in my life, I rely on outfits that are not only polished, but also present me as an effective attorney and loving mother who has an eye for style.

Luckily I work at a San Francisco-based technology startup where the dress code is casual and practical. Flip flops, sneakers, jeans, and T-shirts are fair game so long as the outfit is not too comfortable. I often work long hours, interact with many accomplished and innovative people, and generally move at a quick pace. My outfit must keep up with me!

To achieve this goal I often mix an office-appropriate piece (such as a pencil skirt, blazer, or fitted pants) with a more casual piece (such as a T-shirt, or jeans) and finish my look with a few bright accessories. Here I am wearing outfits from Iladora. The Perfect Bike Pants, Mindy Skirt, and V-neck Bike Beautiful T-shirt are all available at Iladora.

What makes these clothes great is that they are designed and made in San Francisco for bike commuters to withstand everyday activity with a modern cut that is office-appropriate. The neutral, all-weather fabric is practical and looks great when paired with a bright statement necklace. You can also bring your outfit to life by choosing stylish shoes to polish the outfit and add a hint of sophistication or fun.

One piece of fashion advice: Accessories are powerful and transformative as they provide an opportunity for self-expression. They are also easy to transport in a small purse to allow for quick changes.

Your favorite websites or magazines for fashion inspiration, trends and advice:

The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman’s fashion photography blog that highlights everyday stylish people on the street), Pinterest (fashion boards are loads of fun!), and InStyle (the official InStylemagazine website that provides many tips).


Written by Olga V. Mack

Photography by Zahra Talieh

Photo shoot coordinated by Martina Trejo




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