The Expat Woman

October 13, 2020

Emma Porfireanu, Distinguished Enterprise Architect at, Inc.

Originally from Romania and currently an expat in US

I was born in Romania during the height of the communist regime. I have learned the importance of building relationships, supporting the community, and personal strength in order to survive food scarcity, endemic corruption, and the threat of the Securitate (Romanian secret police). Over twenty years ago, I came to the US with $35 in my pocket, a modest scholarship to pursue a Masters and a Ph.D. in Women’s History, and a desire to learn and embrace new things. At some point, I discovered the power of technology to transform businesses and now I am in my #dreamjob, Salesforce Distinguished Enterprise Architect. I am an outspoken advocate for promoting Women In Technology (WIT). My personal mission is to inspire girls to pursue careers in STEM, in technology, in particular. I believe that the next frontier for companies to foster diversity and acceptance for WiSTEM is to prepare and support women for management positions and C-Suite. And I want to be an active part of changing these numbers so that today’s girls who aspire to pursue a career in STEM feel empowered to become tomorrow’s C-level leaders.


The talk will recount the journey of an expat woman from entering US with $35 to reinventing a new career path for herself. Highlights of the talk include: how to build an evolutionary mindset how to learn things that you did not think you could learn how to find your true strengths.

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