August 8, 2017

Global Career Summit


The Expat Woman is a global network of over 6000 professional women designed to inspire, educate, empower and connect.  Founded in San Francisco in 2013, we bring people together to meet & collaborate through events focused on business, career and professional development. We host a variety of events every month including women in tech, leadership and business panels, career workshops, job clubs, hackathons, startup pitch events.


Our Goals

  • Create an inclusive and diverse community of international and American women
  • Support women founders and women in business, technology and leadership roles
  • Connect our network with investors, mentors, technologists, recruiters and leaders in the community

In the last three years, The Expat Woman has hosted over 150 sold-out events in the SF Bay Area which include recruiter panels and career fairs, tech and panels business, entrepreneur and investors panels and pitch events, mentoring and networking events, job clubs and hackathons with over 15,000 participants.

On September 30, 2017 we will be bringing you some of the best of these events in our one-day Global Career Summit – Career Conference, Career Fair and Hackathon at Galvanize, San Francisco 

The attendees will include people looking for a job, a career transition, starting or scaling their business, finding funding, hiring talented candidates, creating solutions to career challenges and making valuable connections.

If you are interested in sponsoring, speaking or volunteering at the summit, please e-mail us at





  • TED-style talks
  • Keynotes
  • Panel Discussions
  • Interactive Workshops

Career Fair

  • Recruiter Tables
  • Job Interviews

All-Women Hackathon

  • Solutions to career challenges
  • Women Leaders in Silicon Valley: Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  • Job Search Trends 2017: Insights from a Silicon Valley Recruiter
  • Career Transitions: Navigating Your Career Path in a Strategic Way
  • “Brand U” (the art of branding yourself)
  • Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Sales Panel: Career Trends and OpportunitIes
  • Kick-Start Your Software Engineering Career
  • Coding Bootcamp
  • Building Inclusive Cultures in the workplace: The Value of Employee Resource Groups
  • Careers in Finance and Fin-Tech
  • Strategies for Expats to Navigate the US Job Market and the Workplace
  • Creating a winning LinkedIn Profile that gets you in front of the Right Peop
  • Get Hired! Panel discussion on strategies to get noticed by recruiters and find a job in your industry
  • Finding mentors and sponsors to Fast-Track your Career
  • Raising Capital as an Early Stage Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley
  • Succeeding As An Early-Stage Female Founder


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