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February 10, 2017

All-Women Hackathon

The Expat Woman is a global network of over 6000 professional women designed to inspire, educate, empower and connect.  Founded in San Francisco in 2013, we bring people together to meet & collaborate through events focused on business, career and professional development. We host a variety of events every month including women in tech, leadership and business panels, career workshops, job clubs, hackathons, startup pitch events.

Our goals

  • Create an inclusive and diverse community of international and American women
  • Support women founders and women in business, technology and leadership roles
  • Connect our network with investors, mentors, technologists, recruiters and leaders in the community


The Bay Area is a hotbed of hackathons but at almost every hackathon, women are under-represented. Women still make up the minority of workers in science, technology, and engineering fields. If we want to create inclusive tech communities, more women need to become active participants in their growth.

At our All-Women Hackathon on September 30,  women will pitch their ideas, work with new technologies, write code, and present their project to the community by the end of the day.

Teams of 6 women will create a website, game, cloud based service, application, or mobile app to address one of these challenges:

  • Engage more Girls in STEM
  • End the gender gap in tech, the startup and venture capital fields
  • Empower women to break the glass ceiling in the
  • Enable companies to hire and retain diverse candidates
  • Make the job search process applicant friendly for new immigrants and refugees
  • Improve a potential candidate’s job search experience to find the right role
  • Help women find and connect with relevant mentors/and or recruiters
  • Solution to any other jobsearch, startup or career related challenge

The judges and mentors will include both women and men working in tech, hiring and recruiting, startups, venture capital and seed stage investment, and will offer feedback to the participants and also pick the winning teams.

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Sponsor our All-Women Hackathon

Supporting our All-Women Hackathon has the following benefits

  • Demonstrates your commitment to empowering women in tech
  • Demonstrates your support to diversity in the workplace
  • Provides opportunities to recruit high caliber talent
  • Provides opportunities to meet tech professionals to partner with your company

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