The Expat Woman

October 22, 2020

Janeen Sonsie, Founder of MojoCircle

Originally from Australia and currently an expat in France

Janeen devoted decades to corporate life in sales and marketing, but everything changed in 2017. At the tender age of 58, and with minimal French skills, Janeen chose to live her dream and created a new life on the Côte d’Azur, France – turning frustration and loneliness into an inspirational story of adventure and achievement. Now she’s inspiring women to connect and get their mojo humming. She founded Club MojoCircle, a supportive community for like-minded expat ladies in France who seek community, connection and growth.

Title: The Power of Networks – Creating communities for expats and allies

My story of making the decision to leave my life in Melbourne Australia completely and move to France to start up a new community and business for expat women in France – at 58 years old. Understanding our need to find our community – where we feel we belong and are supported and can connect to other women like ourselves. Exploring the actions we can take to fill this basic human need to feel connection with others for a happy life.


  • Recognising where you are at and what you need
  • Understanding your need is naturally human not ‘needy’
  • How to overcome the loneliness and isolation
  • The steps to create your own community to belong to
  • Achieving the goal of living in a connected community

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