The Expat Woman

October 22, 2020

Jessy James, Senior Consultant at Korn Ferry

Originally from India and currently an expat in US

Ms. James brings more than thirty years of experience, partnering with Global 100 clients on change management, talent strategy and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Her expertise is centered around strategizing and facilitating organizations toward creating culturally agile, global and inclusive environments where all talent thrive. At Korn Ferry she enables high impact conversations around inclusive leadership and activating the power of choice to get ones career on a successful track. She has held executive positions in GE, India, and Grow Talent (now Right Management India). Further, she has worked across different geographies, such as US, India, Singapore, and Sri Lanka.

Title: Power of Choice and Inclusion

As an immigrant we find ourselves in the minority. Here are some practical ways to increase ones contribution and chances to get the opportunity that if left to working hard and expertise, may not come our way. This is about recognizing that professional mastery is not sufficient; social and organizational confidence is critical to get the opportunity that we desire. My talk is based on Korn Ferry’s research and my experience working with associates across industries, levels and regions.

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