The Expat Woman

October 13, 2020

Natasha Kennedy, Founder of LETS Education

Originally from UK and currently an expat in Spain

Natasha Mason Kennedy is an educator, facilitator and mentor. She is a strong believer in motivating and empowering women to meet their goals. Natasha brings the experience of her background in the educational sector, where she grew a two-person teacher-training programme into a diversified educational group in Madrid, Spain. These businesses now employ over 30 people, providing a variety of language, cultural and training programme to over 1,000 students per year. One of the secrets to her fast scalability model is Natasha’s determination to empower her team. By implementing a strong internal training and mentorship programme, her team has grown in ability and confidence, and has been able to assume greater levels of responsibility. A fierce believer in empowering women with businesses abroad, Natasha runs the group ‘International Women Building Businesses Abroad, which has grown to over 2,500 members in four years. Natasha organizes workshops, training, and networking events for the group. She also runs a mentorship program for women founders where she has inspired dozens of women to transform their passion into purpose for profit whilst living abroad.

Title: How to launch and run a successful business as an expat?

A new country, a new language, a new culture? All of this could be overwhelming or it could be a shiny blank page to write a new chapter. We look at how living in a new country can be just the creative kick start you need to build a successful business abroad. I will share my journey, my tips for making it is a success and how you can built a business that fits into your suitcase.

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