The Expat Woman

October 22, 2020

Ramona Arora, Creator of Solo Wave

Originally from India and currently an expat in US

Ramona is a curious and impact driven analytical professional. She is an aspiring Product Manager and currently working as a BI Analyst at an ecommerce startup, where she is using data to drive meaningful insights and decisions. She is a day dreamer but the one that works on making those dreams her reality. She recently started Solo Wave, a community for and by female self explorers. Apart from this, she is working on social impact initiatives that support diverse women across the globe.

Title: Build your own job search strategy to get hired

This talk is focused on the importance of networking for passionate and driven individuals. Rather than giving up, it is always beneficial to evaluate your strategies in order to improve and succeed. Job search is an exhausting process if you’re focusing on quantity over quality. So take sometime to define your core values and goals, and as a result design your own job-search strategy that works for you.

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