Realizing & Thriving in Career Transitions

A TED-style talk at our Game Changers- Women in Tech Talks and Ask me Anything event at Yelp with Hayal Koc, Account Executive at Salesforce, Co-Founder/Board Member of Expertera

Hayal Koc is an Account Executive at Salesforce, where she helps companies grow and scale with the world’s best cloud technology. A global businesswoman, she’s lived in San Francisco, New York City and Istanbul, Turkey and has excelled in five distinct careers. Prior to Salesforce, Hayal co-founded and led the sales and business development at Expertera, a global HR Tech startup. She remains a Board Member & Advisor today. Prior to that, she spent several years in Strategy Consulting, Corporate Marketing and Investment Banking. Hayal was selected as a top global HR Tech influencer in both 2018 and 2019 and received an Entrepreneur Award from her undergraduate alma mater, Emory University, in 2017. She also has an MBA degree from NYU- Stern Business School. She loves modern art, photography, and travel. She’s been to 65+ countries, 44/50 states, and 6/7 continents thus far!

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