The Expat Woman

October 26, 2020

Solene Anglaret, Founder of Be Beyond Borders


Originally from France and currently an expat in Australia

Solène Anglaret is an author, artist, and adventurer. Born and raised in France, she was only 18 when she moved abroad for the first time. Since then, she has lived in six countries (France, Norway, US, UK, China, and Australia) and travelled to 51.

After moving to Australia late 2017, Solène reconnected with her love of writing and published four books: Where to Next? (a travel memoir), Where Are You From? (a children’s story), Where? (a collection of poems in English) and Pensees d’Ailleurs (a collection of poems in French). She also has a blog ( and has contributed to other written publications. In 2019, she combined her poetry with art by creating and hosting her very first art exhibition. All of her work is inspired by the topics of identity, diversity, and sense of belonging especially in the context of traveling and living abroad.

Solène is also a seasoned public speaker and has had the opportunity to share her story at TEDx Melbourne Open Mic, Breaking the Code writer’s conference, VTIC, and many other writer’s and travel industry events.

In parallel, Solène works in the travel industry and is currently the Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging Advocate and Area Manager for Expedia Group in Melbourne. Looking back, she graduated from a master’s in International Relations and Economy in 2011. She then worked in risk analysis and project management for Veolia Environment before joining the world of tourism. In 2013, she became part of the CEO’s transformation office at Thomas Cook and, in 2015, had the opportunity to move to China to build the business there from the bottom up. They were a team of four when she relocated to Shanghai and a team of a 100 when she left. With international experience across multinational companies and startups, Solène has gathered a wide breadth of knowledge. Her areas of expertise include leadership, strategy, project management, events, and communication.

Let’s be honest, Solène also loves a bit of downtime. When she’s not traveling (like during this pandemic…), you’ll find her chatting with friends, cooking without following the recipe properly, watching Netflix, or simply eating chocolate!


Finding a job and career success in a foreign country (Roundtable)

In this presentation, Solene will teach you about:

  • Applying broad
  • Networking with an open-mind
  • Adopting a learning mindset
  • Adapting to the local culture
  • Embracing change

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