The Expat Woman

Connecting before moving: A guide to cultivating connections before you move

Arlette Chatlein

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Born in Curaçao, I moved to The Netherlands when I was 19 years old. Little did I know that it would only be my first expatriation. I am a certified coach with 20+ years of experience of multicultural expat life in Africa, Asia, Europe and South-America.

I work with expat partners who struggle with building and maintaining authentic relationships in their new home and the previous ones.

From my own experience of 20+ years of global transitions, I know how difficult (re)connecting to yourself and others can be during a transition.

Through my coaching programs I help them go from feeling isolated and lost to feeling grounded, more confident, and able to create and maintain deeper relationships.

Workbook: Building Connections Before you Move: A 5-step Guide

Arlette Chatlein

“Follow the five steps outlined below to create and maintain meaningful connections
in your personal live while navigating the challenges of living in a new country.”

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