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How Adult Third Culture Kids Can Cultivate a Sense of Belonging

Megan Norton

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Megan Norton is an author, Third Culture Kid (TCK) consultant, intercultural trainer, podcast host of A Culture Story, and writer at Growing up as a U.S. diplomat dependent, she lived in 6 countries and has lived in 4 more countries as an Adult Third Culture Kid, in addition to 5 U.S. States. Her expertise as an intercultural trainer combined with her experience in international education enables her to design socio-emotional and educational programming tailored to globally mobile families and youth. She frequently leads both in person and virtual TCK Transitions Seminars, university retreats and Intercultural Dialogue groups for a variety of international entities. Her book, Belonging Beyond Borders: How Adult Third Culture Kids Can Cultivate a Sense of Belonging, equips and empowers globally mobile youth to recognize their cultural competencies and apply them in various contexts.

Belonging Beyond Borders Workshop

Megan Norton

Having a sense of belonging—or multiple belongings –is a journey for every individual to reflect on and celebrate. Increasingly we participate in conversations about “belonging” in multiple sectors and with several lenses. In this workshop, Megan leads the discussion about what it means to belong in multiple communities: personal, professional, familial, cultural, and spiritual. Megan invites participants to ponder how to belong, where to belong, and why to belong.

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