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Creating Community for Expats Abroad

Nyna is the Founder and Host of The Expat Woman Summit and also the Founder and CEO of The Expat Woman, a global platform focused on connecting, supporting and empowering women who have moved abroad or plan to relocate. She is also a LinkedIn coach, consultant, and trainer and was recognized as one of the top 15 LinkedIn coaches in San Francisco. She runs a membership for women who want to learn how to strategically leverage LinkedIn. She is also a speaker, event host, podcast guests and YouTuber. 

CHARLOTTE VAN HORN is Founder and CEO of Black Expats in Panama® (BEIP) and affectionately referred to as “”Harriet”” by many. She assists African Americans relocating to Panama. BEIP is the largest Black Expat Community in Panama. The now famous monthly BEIP Cultural Relocation Tour showcases living options in and around Panama City and Coronado area, shares Afro Panamanian culture/history and provides access to relevant professionals. She has been recognized by prominent Members of the Afro Panamanian community for her contributions to individuals, businesses and organizations.

She holds four US and International registered Trademarks.

Charlotte hosts a weekly show on BLAXIT RADIO and a Podcast “The Black Expat Journey.” She was a professional standup comedian for several years, so she naturally brings humor and laughter to any platform.

Charlotte is a rising star with a bright future. She is walking in her purpose and bringing so many others along for the journey.

Navine Eldesouki, a woman who embarked on a unique journey spanning over 24 years and across eight diverse countries. Mama to 4 fabulous TCK’s (and a cat!), wife to a remarkable and ambitious man, and Founder of Coffee With An Expat, a platform representing her journey – a vibrant community for expat women that represents culture and diversity.
Our lives are travel maps of images and experiences, a crisscross of cultures redefining our personal and collective identity. Hers is a journey of traversing the world in search of adventure, establishing homes, raising children, cultivating a marriage and finding inspiration in the music of foreign languages, the beauty of geography and the stories of its people. Navine brought all these experiences home, emptied her suitcase full of ideas and started cultivating everything she had seen and learned to create a platform both supportive and empowering, dedicated to all the women she met along her journey, those she is yet to meet and those she won’t.

Janeen Sonsie lives for adventure and thrives on change. She’s an explorer at heart, driving her career as an international speaker and intuitive transformational coach.

Living her dream life in France, the entrepreneurial Australian has built a community of like-minded expat women to help each other grow and thrive.

Janeen devoted decades to corporate life in sales and marketing, but everything changed in 2017 when a psychic urged her to live her most fulfilling life. Life in Melbourne had been stressful, so she chose a different path.

With minimal French language skills, Janeen built a new life on the Côte d’Azur, turning frustration and loneliness into an inspirational story of adventure and achievement. She created the facebook group Expat Women in France, offering a supportive community for like-minded ladies seeking community, connection and growth. Now she’s inspiring professional in technology women to break through their barriers to be all they can be.

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