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Nyna Caputi

Founder and CEO of The Expat Woman, LinkedIn Expert

Nyna is the Founder and Host of The Expat Woman Summit and also the Founder and CEO of The Expat Woman, a global platform focused on connecting, supporting and empowering women who have moved abroad or plan to relocate. She is also a LinkedIn coach, consultant, and trainer and was recognized as one of the top 15 LinkedIn coaches in San Francisco. She runs a membership for women who want to learn how to strategically leverage LinkedIn. She is also a speaker, event host, podcast guests and YouTuber. 

Country of Origin: India.  Currently Resides in: USA


Lola Adeyemo

ERG Expert & Immigrant Career Coach

Lola Adeyemo is an Author, a Keynote speaker, Employee Resource Group (ERG) expert and an Immigrant Career Strategist. Through her company EQImindset, she partners with workplaces that want to engage their diverse communities and build inclusive cultures effectively through ERGs, BRG, and Affinity groups. She is also the founder of the non-profit Immigrants in Corporate Inc., where she hosts a “Career Accelerator” program for Immigrant professionals. As an Immigrant, she shares her story and advocates for Immigrant Inclusion as a part of workplace DEI. Her podcast “Thriving in Intersectionality Podcast” and her recent book “Thriving in Intersectionality: Immigrants, Belonging, and Corporate America” support the non-profit mission and her passion for building inclusive workplace

Country of Origin: Nigeria. Currently Resides in: USA

Dominika Miernik

Career & Expat Coach

Dominika is a seasoned expat and digital nomad who reshaped her life to prioritize work fitting into her lifestyle. With extensive experience in recruitment, counselling, and customer service across Italy and the UK, she transformed into an Expat Career Coach, specializing in supporting expat women to transition careers internationally.

Dominika helps these women overcome challenges and seize opportunities to pursue their dream careers while adapting to a new country. For those aspiring to self-employment, she assists them in aligning their passions with business design to create a lifestyle that suits their desires.

Country of Origin: Poland. Currently Resides in: Italy

Juanita Ingram

Attorney | Author | Indie Producer | Tedx Speaker

Juanita Brown Ingram, Esq. is an award-winning attorney, author, actress, filmmaker, and fashion philanthropist. She is Tedx speaker and the first Black woman to win the title of Mrs. Universe (2022/23). She, her husband, and two children live in Singapore, having previously resided in London and Taiwan. She is a licensed attorney, Founder of Dress for Success Greater London & Chattanooga, and CEO of Purpose Productions Inc., a 501(c)3 production company radically transforming the model for Black-casted reality series with the unscripted show The Expats International Ingrams, streaming on Amazon Prime US/UK, Tubi, & Roku; which chronicles Black Americans thriving abroad while directly combating the distorted representation of BIPOC people globally. Mrs. Ingram is an advocate for women and young girls, speaking internationally on topics regarding the change navigation, expat issues, confidence-building, Trailing Spouse issues, wellness, and self-worth throughout the US, Asia, Europe, and the UK.

Country of Origin: USA. Currently Resides in: Singapore

Amanda Maxime

Life Coach for High-Achieving Expats 

Amanda is a life coach for high-achieving expats. As a former diplomat, she knows what it’s like to build a whole new life from scratch, while continuing to focus on your career – and that it’s not always the dream your inner circle back home thinks you’re living. Through her 1:1 coaching and online courses, Amanda is now committed to guiding other ambitious expats to feel as steady in their personal life as they feel in their career, so they can really thrive abroad. Amanda also hosts a podcast, This Expat Life, where she creates space for all facets of life abroad. Amanda currently lives in her home country the Netherlands, but is moving back to Brazil in 2024.

Country of Origin: Netherlands ( Repatriated from Brazil )

Christine Job

Business Strategist & Podcast Host

Originally from Atlanta, Christine Job is an award-winning podcaster and Business Strategist. She is currently based in Spain. Her podcast “Flourish in the Foreign” celebrates, elevates, and affirms the voices & stories of Black women living & thriving abroad, while also exploring living abroad as a pathway to wellness. Launched in 2020, “Flourish in the Foreign” was shortlisted for the 2021 International Women’s Podcasting Awards and won the Black Podcasting Awards 2021 Best International Podcast award. It was included in Apple podcast’s 2023 Black History Month podcast spotlight, “In Everything”.

As a business strategist, Christine helps Black women and WOC to leverage their expertise & talents into viable & sustainable businesses, businesses that make her clients professionally fulfilled and financially abundant while pursuing thriving lives abroad.

Country of Origin: USA. Currently Resides in: Valencia, Spain

Camilla Quintana

Founder of The Empowered Expat Woman – Certified Coach – Podcast Host

Camilla Quintana is the founder of The Empowered Expat Woman which is all about supporting women to make the most of their crossborder lives, so that they can start fully trusting in themselves and in the future they’re creating – wherever they are, and wherever they’ll go.

A certified Life Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker and Expat Woman herself, Camilla currently lives in Bilbao/Spain with her husband and 3 sons.

Country of Origin: Austria. Currently Resides in: Bilbao, Spain

Moumita Das Roy

Marketer and DEI Advocate

Moumita Das Roy is a cross-industry marketer with experience in Nonprofit, Media, Advertising, and Telecom and has worked in some iconic global organisations such as Ogilvy and BBDO in Advertising, The Walt Disney Company in Media and Virgin Mobile in Telecom.

In her current role in New Zealand, she manages the B2B marketing communications for the Dulux Group. She is also a trained tertiary educator and industry speaker.

Moumita is a prolific content creator on LinkedIn and is recognised as a Creator to Follow on the platform. She shares stories from her corporate world and her life in academia and presents them in a very real-world, relatable way.

Apart from work, she takes an avid interest in Diversity and Inclusion and Social Impact through Volunteering conversations. Having worked in multicultural work environments and through her travels across seven continents, she has unique stories to tell, in a very adaptive and versatile way.

Country of Origin: India. Currently Resides in: New Zealand

Sarah Siegert

Friendship Coach for Expats

I’m Sarah, a friendship coach for expats and I’m originally from Germany but moved to London 5 years ago. I struggled with loneliness and isolation back then and since overcoming it, I help other expats to feel at peace with themselves and make new friends abroad.

Country of Origin: Germany. Currently Resides in: London, United Kingdom

Debbie Arcangeles

Writer and Podcast Host

Debbie is the founder of The Offbeat Life. A podcast and website that shares how to create more freedom with remote work.

Country of Origin: Philippines. Currently Resides in: New York/Florida

Andrea Hunt

Transformational Coach and EFT Tapping Practitioner

Andrea Hunt is an American world-traveling transformational coach and EFT practitioner and the founder of Living Deliberately Today: Personal Empowerment Coaching for a Better Life. She is a published co-author of the book: Overcoming Self Sabotage: 11 Stories of How to Get Rid of Destructive Habits.

She helps people step out of their comfort zones without stress, self-doubt, and overwhelm so they can master the art of living deliberately. Using the clarity and power of coaching and the power of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), she helps clear negative emotional blocks to confidence, self-worth, and self-love that can hold us back and cause self-sabotage.

Andrea is based most of the year in Germany and Spain and offers private and group sessions online, in-person and online workshops, and is also a co-working trip leader for digital nomads.

Country of Origin: USA. Currently Resides in: Germany

Amanda Bates

The Black Expat, Founder

As a third culture kid, Amanda’s interest in navigating cross-cultural spaces and identity started young. Her American-born, African raised perspective continues to influence her as she leads the creative direction of The Black Expat and tells the stories that need to be told. She also hosts the Global Chatter podcast which takes a deeper dive into these conversations.

Her varied career has also included serving as founding director of a college access center for underrepresented students in Richmond, VA, piloting and implementing a university career services program in Qatar, and teaching English as a second language in Cameroon.
Currently, Amanda is the Regional Talent Attraction & Marketing Lead, Americas for HSBC, where her work focuses on employee branding efforts to identify diverse, best in class talent.

Currently Resides in: USA ( Repat )

Aneri Desai

Career Coach for Immigrant Women

I am Aneri Desai, a career coach for immigrant/expat women. After working with Fortune 500 companies in corporate America, I resigned from my leadership role to be a career coach. I help women stand out in a competitive job market and re-start or elevate your career in the United States and Canada. In last three years, I have helped immigrant women land over $23 Million in job offers. Why hide when we are born to stand out? Let’s show the world who you are.

Country of Origin: India. Currently Resides in: Columbia, South Carolina

Lisa R. Mitchell

Principal, Living A Global Lifestyle

Lisa R Mitchell is a Global Business Executive, with a 25+ year career that spans Global Banking, Consulting, and Leadership training. She has lived in Europe and Asia, and currently is Principal of Living A Global Lifestyle, a Global Brand and Community for Expats, Digital Nomads and Global Travelers to help them thrive and lead a successful life abroad, especially in the area of managing their finances. Lisa is also a frequent Podcast and international conference speaker on international personal finance and living abroad.

Currently Resides in: USA ( Repatriated from China)

Adina Appelbaum

Immigration Attorney, Accredited Financial Counselor, Financial and Business Coach

Adina Appelbaum is an immigration attorney, Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC)®, financial and business coach, podcaster, blogger, and speaker focused on empowering immigrants and their families through financial, business, mindset, and leadership education. She co-founded International Empowerment LLC and the financial education platform Immigrant Finance™ with her husband Mauricio after he immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador in 2013 and they struggled to find any resources guiding immigrants in the financial system. Their mission is to help 1,000 immigrant families invest over $1 million together within the next 5 years and build financial power. She is the host of the Finance Business & Purpose Podcast and has a passion for social impact entrepreneurship.

 Currently Resides in: Washington DC USA ( Previously lived in the UK, Egypt, Ecuador)

Ariel Roberts

Licensed Clinical Therapist

“I am Ariel Roberts, a dedicated mental health therapist and seasoned expat with a passion for helping individuals thrive during life-changing transitions. With years of experience in both fields, I bring a unique blend of clinical expertise and personal insight to guide people on their expatriate journeys.

Having navigated the challenges of relocating to a different country myself, I understand the emotional ups and downs that come with moving abroad. My mission is to provide holistic support, offering practical guidance, while also addressing the emotional hurdles that often accompany such life transitions.”

Country of Origin: USA. Currently Resides in: Valencia, Spain

Keki Mwaba

Career Development Coach

I founded Expat Career Development after several years working as a recruiter at leading global companies (e.g. Disney, Uber, and Reddit) in Amsterdam. I offer career guidance and consultative services to help international professionals translate their experience to the global job market and take the next step in their careers. Equipped with the inside knowledge of what companies are looking for in their hires, I’ll guide you in creating a striking CV and an engaging LinkedIn profile, and in making a lasting impression at job interviews

Country of Origin: South Africa. Currently Resides in: Amsterdam

Aditi Paul, PhD

Immigrant Advocate, Researcher, Author, Ex-Professor

Aditi Paul is a researcher, author, and ex-professors with over a decade of experience in tech, communication, and psychology. Dr. Paul is also committed to helping Indian international students and professionals navigate their US immigration journeys. Having gone through the arduous process of being an international student to finally becoming a permanent resident, Dr. Paul knows how challenging immigration can be. Her goal is to help the next generation of immigrants navigate their journey with confidence and ease.

Country of Origin: India. Currently Resides in: New York City, USA

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