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Go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and/or isolated to finding clarity, confidence and community that can help you lead a purposeful, fulfilled and happy life abroad by joining us
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♦️ I am aware of my potential but self-doubt or fear of failure are holding me back.

♦️ I often feel isolated and crave community and support to help me thrive in my expat journey.

♦️  I know I have unique skills, talents, expertise that I could leverage in my life abroad but not clear on what they are or where to start.

♦️ I struggle to find my footing in this foreign culture, feeling uncertain about how to assert myself and pursue my goals with confidence.

♦️ I can’t seem to find the time and energy to focus on my personal and professional growth and development while balancing the demands of life abroad.

♦️ I am ready to invest in myself and take the necessary steps to unlock my full potential while living abroad, despite any challenges or obstacles I may face along the way.

These are common frustrations for women living abroad.
You get so bogged down with navigating the new country, culture, fitting in, trying to make friends, you lose sight or feel stuck when it comes to finding your purpose, unlocking your potential, stepping out of our comfort zone to becoming the best version of yourself.
With the right support and guidance, you can step out of the shadows and isolation into the life you want to create for yourself abroad.
Imagine a world where the possibilities are endless. By venturing beyond familiar borders, into a new country, you open yourself up to a myriad of opportunities waiting to be seized. Whether you're seeking career advancement, personal growth, or a supportive community, the world is your oyster. Transformation is right around the corner in The Expat Woman Membership. RED BUTTON with white text - BECOME A MEMBER
Hi there! I'm Nyna
With the right support and guidance, you can step out of the shadows and isolation into the life you want to create for yourself abroad.

When I first moved to the US, I went throught the challenges many expats face. Loneliness, overwhelm, confusion and lack of clarity.

Fast forward and I learned how to create community and make friends, move from feeling stuck to finding my “zone o genius”, sharing my voice and finding happiness and fulfillment in my professional and personal life abroad.

And in turn was able to share my voice and expertise, bring other expat women leaders and influencers into my circle to spotlight them and have them showcase their thought leadership and insights at my expat women focused events, workshops and summits.

I have hosted over 400 in-person and virtual events, workshops, trainings for women living abroad.

I have facilitated 100s of connections in my network and provided women with job, career, entrepreneurship and speaking opportunities.


The challenge I found with workshops, events and networking is that I can only serve a small group and not consistently. I knew more people could benefit if I created an inner circle to provide all the above regularly.

That’s why I created this private membership for The Expat Woman for women like you to help you make your dreams and goals a reality


You are an expat coach, entrepreneur, leader or executive who wants to take your career to the next level, create opportunities to build your visibility and thought leadership and also connect with women like you eho can help you in your journey

You are living abroad, planning to move abroad or have repatriated and feel stuck or need help with discovering your potential, sharing your expertise and finding a supporitve community and living the life you want..

OR you just aren’t sure where to get started when it comes to navigating life abroad, making friends, finding a career you love and you want to do it in the simplest, most effective way…

Here’s What You Get With inside The Expat
Woman Membership

Access to a diverse, supportive and global network of expat women who understand your challenges and needs.

Content & Resources: Stay informed, empowered, and inspired with our exclusive content on navigating a new country or culture, and personal and professional development

The Expat Woman Club is a valuable resource hub, delivering tailored content to address the specific needs of expat women. From expert advice on navigating new cultures to in-depth resources for personal and professional development , we’ve got you covered. Stay informed, empowered, and inspired with our exclusive content.

Exclusive Events: Join us for curated events that blend professional development with social enrichment. From virtual workshops and webinars to in-person meetups, our events cater to diverse interests and provide a platform for you to learn, grow, and celebrate your journey.

Inclusivity: The Expat Woman Club welcomes women at different stages of their expat journey, creating a space where all stories are valued. In this inclusive environment, every woman can find a supportive community that understands and respects her unique narrative.

Exclusive Privileges: Enjoy exclusive perks and access members-only content, ensuring that you get the most out of your membership. From discounts on partner services to priority registration for events, being a part of our club comes with its own set of privileges.

Don't be your best kept secret!

Hiding in the shadows is not doing you or anyone else any favors.

But I am not even clear on what my unique skills are.

I was in the same boat and had to figure it out the hard way. I will provide you with the tools and guidance to help you get clear on and discover your zone of genius, the first step in your path to getting visible and leveling up your career.

I’m too scared to put myself out there.

I hear you. For the longest time I was scared too. I will show you how to build the right mindset to step out of your comfort zone and get visible.

I don’t know how to showcase my expertise.

That’s why you join Her Success Society. You will learn from me how to do just that as well as have access to opportunities as a member to share with my larger network.

To summarize:
Here’s What You Get With inside The Expat Woman Membership
So what does it cost?

The good news is you get to be part of this incredible membership for less than a dollar a day!



Billed once a month


$250 (2 months free)

Billed once a year


This membership is for any woman looking to level up her thought leadership and career. It is not limited to one location or industry.

Every new member gets a 30 min onboarding 1:1 call with me to discuss your goals, what support you need and strategies.

All sessions will be recorded and will be available to watch inside the membership, so you can watch them at your leisure. Almost all of the sessions will also have the audio recording available to listen to when you are on the go on our members-only private podcast. 

You can cancel your membership at anytime.

So will you be joining us?


🙌🏼  … that we all have special and unique talents and have something to offer the world.

🙌🏼 …that we all have the power to make our dreams a reality and live the life we want and deserve.

Is this what you believe too?

Then it’s time to step out of the shadows and stride into your success…..

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