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The New Electric Ballroom

A couple of weekends ago we were invited to watch The New Electric Ballroom, a 90 minute play hosted by the Shotgun Players.  The play is centered around sisters Breda, Clara, and Ada and their memories of The New Electric Ballroom. As a member of the audience this play really hit home and made me evaluate how my own memories hold me prisoner. It was a great time to reflect on life and all of the possibilities. How many of us live in the past and remain trapped as a result? When is it time to let go and live for the present moment? These are all questions I asked myself after leaving the play.

The New Electric Ballroom

Breda is haunted by memories of The New Electric.

I was so consumed by the cast’s wonderful job on stage that there was no separation between the lines being read and my own life. This is exactly what makes The Electric Ballroom a true piece of art. If you would like to watch this show you have one final weekend! It is playing through October 5th. View the available showtimes and do let us know if you leave a new person, considering all life has to offer. We hope you enjoy!

The New Electric Ballroom

Patsy romances Ada with a song.





Writing Martina Trejo

Photos provided by Shotgun Players




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