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Inspiring quotes from women entrepreneurs

The road to becoming an entrepreneur is exciting and exhilarating but also challenging and lonely. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or already have a business, you may experience or have experienced feelings of self-doubt, frustration, fear of failure, or rejection  There are days when you may feel so overwhelmed that you wished you had stayed at your 9-5 job. Other days you may just need a little motivation to kick start your day.

Here are 10 quotes from women entrepreneurs that we hope will give you the inspiration you need to get up and go and keep going. 

Leave your comfort zone                                                                                              

“I believe that one of life’s greatest risks is never daring to risk.” – Oprah Winfrey 

Believe in yourself

“Whatever it is that you think you want to do, and whatever it is that you think stands between you and that, stop making excuses. You can do anything.” – Katia Beauchamp, Cofounder and CEO, Birchbox

There is never a right time to start a business

“I never woke up and said ‘today is the day.’ You just have to start. There’s a steep learning curve for new entrepreneurs and the only way you can get the knowledge you need is to get your hands dirty. If you wait for the perfect moment to start a company, you’ll never find it. Plus, your competitors won’t be waiting for you either.” – Jessica Elle, Cofounder of Localturf

Make it happen                                                                                                                     

“Passion, Positivity  and Perseverance helped me turn my idea into a reality.” – Nyna Caputi, Founder of The Expat Woman

Love what you do                                                                                                     

“Build your business success around something that you love — something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you.” – Martha Stewart, businesswoman, writer, and television personality

Perseverance is the name of the game

“Everything I’ve achieved has come from perseverance. I’ve never met another entrepreneur who had a painless path to success—everyone who tries to bring new ideas to the world is tested.” – Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO of Girls Who Code

Be prepared to make mistakes                                                                                 

“We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.” – Ariana Huffington, Editor in chief of The Huffington Post

Be a Leader                                                                                                              

“Know what you bring.  Know what you don’t bring.  And build a team that covers everything you need.” – Angie Hicks, Founder of Angie’s List

Reach for the stars                                                                                                  

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Enjoy your success                                                                                                       

“I hate the title of being called ‘the richest woman in India,’ but it’s the recognition that this was the value that I had created as a woman entrepreneur, and that makes me very, very proud.”- Kiran Mazumdar, Executive Chairperson of Biocon Limited



Nyna is the Founder and CEO of The Expat Woman, a global platform focused on connecting, supporting and empowering women who have moved abroad or plan to relocate. She is also a LinkedIn coach, consultant, trainer and speaker. LinkedIn played a huge role in my professional journey abroad, helping me build a network of powerful expat women and allies.

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