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Adriana Buenaventura, Yoga Therapist, Life and Nutrition Coach

” I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats!  We are all unique and we can lift each other to fully express who we are meant to be in the world.” – Adriana Buenaventura

Adriana is a member of The Expat Woman Club and was born and raised in Colombia and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs have radiant health through toxic-free solutions, mindfulness tools and yoga therapy so that they can perform better in their careers and thus focus on the things that matters the most in their lives.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

“I remember the day I got my professional degree as an Engineer back in Colombia.  It was a big accomplishment.  Plenty of sacrifices and work.  However, the economical situation in my country was very critical and the lack of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally propelled me to consider moving. I have lived in the Bay Area for 11 years. What started as a career in Marketing led me to discover my true life’s calling.  I became an entrepreneur!

I founded Unique Splendor Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching in 2017.   I am a certified yoga therapist, life and nutrition coach, Zumba strong instructor, meditation instructor and essential oil educator.  I am also working towards my certification in Trauma studies.


What inspires you to do what you do?

This quote has given me great relief at times when I have felt my goals are distant.  I remind myself that just like I have conquered dire fears in the past, embraced the unknown, and embarked in the odyssey of creating my own business, I will also get there and reach my “distant” goals.

Please remind yourself of all you have attained.  Appreciate your accomplishments, your courage, your strength, your passion for life.  As you strive for your next goal, you will continue to become more the person who you are meant to be.

My life’s purpose and goal is to help professional women have radiant health through developing a mindfulness practice and using toxic-free solutions so that they can perform better in their careers and also focus on the things that matter most in their lives.  As an entrepreneur,  I also help other women entrepreneurs develop their own successful wellness business.  I hope my journey and self-care practices will be of benefit to you during these stressful times. ”


Can you share what your day usually looks like?

“I like to start my day with meditation and some exercises to bring my energy up.   Then, I have a light breakfast.  I always bless my food. I feel so grateful to be alive and thus I make sure good feelings like joy and gratitude set the intentions for the day.   That can make a huge difference!

Once I shower and am ready to go to my workspace (at home), I use my essential oils for focus and productivity.  Imagine the refreshing smell of oranges or your favorite flower inside your home all the time!   I love Basil, Spearmint, and Orange as I coach my clients over the phone, or support them with yoga therapy or meditation or with their own wellness protocols with essential oils.

To take care of myself during my workday, I take a mindful pause every 2 hours or so to stretch, do some yoga postures, and check on my mindset.  This is especially important if I had to sit for too long at my computer that day and to keep focused and get things done.

In the evening, my partner Antonio and I go to a nearby park to hike or run..  It´s one of the favorite parts of my day.   Once I get home I am ready for another shower and then ready to go to bed.  If I had a very hectic day, I make sure I apply some grounding essential oils to calm my mind and get a restful sleep.   Then, I do a brief meditation.

The photo below was taken at one of my client’s home.  We have been doing yoga therapy in her backyard.  She made sure we were 6 feet apart.  The rose bush kept dropping petals on my mat.  So lovely!”



Why did you join The Expat Woman Club?


“I love connecting with people and I thought the Expat Woman Club had a fine group of women who like me were looking to be happier and attain success in their field while embracing another culture, another country.”


What advice do you have for expats to survive and thrive in their new country?


“Arriving in a new country can be lonely.  I would advise other expats to start networking to make connections and friends and never lose sight of their why,  Their why is the reason that is so compelling that will incessantly drive them forward regardless of any setbacks.   Some ideas, include joining clubs like the Expat Woman Club, Toastmasters Clubs, meetups, and such.  Keep in mind what you want to accomplish in your future and everything will fall back into place. “


Are there any resources or tools you would like to share with our network?


NUTRITION:Precision Nutrition Podcast.  Tips on real life nutrition backed by research.  MINDSET:


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