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July 27, 2020

Start Yours Virtual Bootcamp

Coming up with incredible ideas is easy. It’s putting those ideas into action that’s difficult.

Are you an aspiring or early-stage woman entrepreneur.? Are you looking to turn your idea, passion project or side hustle into a business or scale your existing one but feel stuck and don't know how to proceed.Start Yours Bootcamp is a 2-week, virtual program from Sept. 16th to the 30th, that provides women entrepreneurs with the support, tools and connections to turn their game-changing idea to reality or accelerate their early stage business.

During the Start Yours Virtual Bootcamp, founders work on their idea or early stage startup, collaborate with other entrepreneurs, get help from experienced facilitators and mentors within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and take the first steps to making their idea a reality or take their startup to the next level.

"The Expat Woman's Start Yours Virtual Bootcamp is providing so much clarity. As an early business, I was in a place where I didn't know what else to do to gain more customers, build my e-mail list and was really feeling isolated as a solopreneur. It's only been 4 days and I already created a clearer elevator pitch, a business plan, a lead magnet idea and met with a mentor who made me feel grounded again. The information is packaged in a way that makes sense. I'm so glad I'm doing this." - Pricelda Cid OTR/L, Occupational Therapist, Ergonomist and Founder of ErgoTherapy

"Joining the Virtual Bootcamp has been one of the best investments I've made for myself and my business. I absolutely love working with other inspiring and amazing women who have so much to offer. I've learned so much about my niche and ideal clients in the first week!" - Lizette Vargas, Founder of Mindset Evolve

We are accepting applications for our May 2021 Bootcamp now.

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Here is what women founders participating in this two-week program can look forward to.

<p>Successful startup founders, investors and thought leaders will share their expertise, advice and tips to help you make your business a success.</p>
<p>Get feedback, advice, best practices, and support on your business with one-on-one and group mentoring from our thought leaders.</p>
Pitch your Startup
<p>Create, practice, revise, and refine your pitch and get feedback from your cohort, entrepreneurs, and investors.</p>
<p>Receive access and network with a diverse group of investors, entrepreneurs and influencers.</p>
<p>Being an entrepreneur can be isolating Get support, feedback, and find accountability partners from peer founders.</p>
<p>Get access to curated tools, workbooks, and partner perks to help you build and grow your startup.</p>

“The Expat Women pitch competition was the first group activity I participated in when I moved to Silicon Valley for my first startup Court Buddy. I participated and won 2 pitch competitions and was welcomed with open arms to the community. The women really helped boost my confidence and helped me refine my pitch for when it was time to fundraise. My co-founder and I went on to raise $7M after that experience. The female investors and female founders became my tribe in a city I wasn’t familiar with.” 

– Kristina Jones, Founder & CEO of

“When I was brand new in Silicon Valley, The Expat Woman provided me WITH my first platform to pitch my company. The initial validation and the community there changed my life. Three years later, I was named AI entrepreneur of the year by Venture Beat and the biggest tech giants wanted to acquire my startup. It all started one evening with The Expat Women.”

– – Charu Sharma, Silicon Valley-based tech entrepreneur and startup investor.


Over the years many of you have either attended or participated in our Female Founder Pitch Female Funder events or Startup and Investor panels, Demo Tables, and Startup Showcases in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Bangalore, and Toronto and online. We have hosted over 50 entrepreneur events with 400 plus women pitching their diverse businesses to women investors in our network since 2014. Some of the founders went on to participate and win other pitch events, raise funds, get traction and sales, pivot, or exit and sell their companies for a significant amount. We've excited to use all the insights and strategies we've gotten from hosting and working with entrepreneurs and investors and our network to launch our inaugural Start Yours BootCamp.


Nyna Caputi, Founder and CEO of The Expat Woman

Yi Jean Chow, Manager at innogy New Ventures

Anastasia Soloveva, Founder of Athena

Sonya Pelia, Founding LP at How Women Invest

Millicent Tracy, Financial services product strategy executive, fintech advisor, and board member

Natasha Friedus, CEO and Co-Founder at NeedsList

Nancy Hayes, Angel Investor at NKH Group

Jessica Liu, Founding Member of Planto

Ha Nguyen, Founding Partner at Spero Ventures

Amanda Morse, Founder and CEO at List Perfectly

Tash Jefferies, Founder and CEO at Diversa and Entrepreneur in Residence at 500 Startups

Trisha Bantingue, CEO & Co-founder at Queenly

Domitilla Caputo, Head of SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco

Apply to join our Start Yours Virtual Bootcamp

This bootcamp is open to women entrepreneurs across the globe. You can still be in the idea stage or at the early stage of your startup.

Are you an investor, successful startup founder, influencer or thought leader? Interested in participating in our May 2021 Bootcamp as a partner, guest speaker or mentor? Please complete this brief application.

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