10 Ways to Use Your Global Experience to Get That Job

First and foremost, I’d like to acknowledge the fear, frustration, or confusion that can happen when you’re looking for a job, especially for expats. I’ve been an expat and immigrant in many places (having lived and worked all around the world), so I definitely empathize with your context. I’d like you to shift perspectives to[…]

On Motherhood, Advocacy, and Changing the World

As Mother’s Day approaches, we are excited to chat with Olga V. Mack, an incredible professional and mother. Olga V. Mack is a startup advisor, nationally-recognized author, public speaker, an award-winning general counsel, women’s advocate, and entrepreneur. She is an inspiration and advocate for women everywhere trying to create successful careers. She is an adjunct[…]

5 Tips for Networking Success at an Event

I tend to approach these types of events leading with genuine curiosity, open and interested in learning, and being helpful/supportive, rather than ‘networking.’ This way, the connections usually follow either because of shared interest/style, curiosity, challenge, or relevant experience and expertise that would lead to a follow-up conversation.

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