Neetal Parekh, Founder of Innov8Social and Co-Founder of Thinktomi

If there ever was a woman who could do it all it would be Neetal Parekh, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer at Thinktomi and Founder of Born in the USA, Neetal graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in International Political Science, later received her Juris Doctorate, and is licensed to practice law in Washington. Despite[…]

Nancy Newsom, Founder of Botanic Organic

Nancy grew up in Canada where she received her degree in education at McGill University. In 1992, she moved to California where she and her husband raised their young family.  When her children reached school age, Nancy taught English As A Second Language (ESL) to engineers and scientists in the Silicon Valley workplace in addition to owning and managing several rental properties in Canada.  In 2011 she founded and launched Botanic Organic, a natural and organic artisan crafted skin care company.

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