Fearless Product Leadership

The number of women in product management is growing rapidly, which is why we’re thrilled to have Hope Gurion with us today to talk about her experience. Hope Gurion is a fearless product leader of great product teams. She currently serves as a Product Advisor and Coach to start-ups and companies seeking growth. She has[…]

On Motherhood, Advocacy, and Changing the World

As Mother’s Day approaches, we are excited to chat with Olga V. Mack, an incredible professional and mother. Olga V. Mack is a startup advisor, nationally-recognized author, public speaker, an award-winning general counsel, women’s advocate, and entrepreneur. She is an inspiration and advocate for women everywhere trying to create successful careers. She is an adjunct[…]

5 Tips for Networking Success

Nelle Sacknoff is a strategic and creative multilingual marketer who considers herself a data nerd. She is passionate about building and scaling high performance marketing and sales programs, campaigns, and teams in nine languages and 37 countries. Nelle enjoys developing people, teams, and relationships as much as business and B2B SaaS/PaaS industries. Welcome to The[…]

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