Tasty vegan recipes

Healthy eating is fast becoming a fashion trend in the food world. We spoke to Nataliia Karpenko, founder of health website www.golivzo.com, to bring you some innovative, healthy and colorful vegan salad recipes for your kitchen. For more recipes, visit www.golivzo.com.  Salad “Berry Chai Delight” Ingredients: – Organic Baby Arugula – Organic Strawberry – California Blueberry[…]

How to Survive the US on a Shoestring Budget and still have Fun

Living in the US can be very expensive, especially if you are a student,  in between jobs or working a job that barely pays the rent. But if you employ a little ingenuity, swallow a little pride, and accept the fact that sometimes “free comes at a price”, here are tried-and-tested tips to enjoy life in the[…]

Nataliia Karpenko, Founder of LIVZO

Nataliia Karpenko is a native Ukrainian and has a professional background in international development projects, industrial products and design and social work. Her cultural background and focus on community collaboration has led her towards a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. Nataliia received her Master of Enterprise Finance and Management from one of the leading schools[…]

International Holiday Mixer: Don’t Rain on My Parade!

On the infamous night that has now been dubbed as #BayAreaStorm or #HellaStorm, we gathered with our amazing Expat Woman supporters at Nextspace to mingle, shop, and get ready for the busy holiday season. Some may have been detoured by power outages, traffic, and crowded BART stations but as they say in show biz “the[…]