International Holiday Mixer: Don’t Rain on My Parade!

On the infamous night that has now been dubbed as #BayAreaStorm or #HellaStorm, we gathered with our amazing Expat Woman supporters at Nextspace to mingle, shop, and get ready for the busy holiday season. Some may have been detoured by power outages, traffic, and crowded BART stations but as they say in show biz “the[…]

Angela Gonzalez, Pastry Chef and Founder of Dial-A-Dessert

It’s Christmas and indulgence is the theme of the season, whether its family, festivities or food!  Indulge in your favorite Christmas desserts with San Francisco based Dial-A-Dessert. From the Christmas cookies and cupcakes to the fruit tarts and pies, Dial-A-Dessert has something for you.   Founder of Dial-A-Dessert, Angela Gonzalez, is a pastry chef who[…]

Anastasia Miron, Co-Founder of Globein

When it comes to online shopping we have so many options these days. Everything from shoes, clothes, purses, and makeup can be delivered right to our door. But do you ever stop to think about the person making the product? Chances are you don’t. In the world we live in today, we are accustomed to mass[…]

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