Help! (A Four Letter Word): The True Power of Asking for Help

“Perhaps the shortest and most powerful prayer in human language is help.”  – Thomas Keating Why is it so hard to ask for help sometimes?  It certainly doesn’t help that America is considered to be an individualistic-oriented country, and that the idea of “doing”, being productive, and achieving for oneself, is of high value in[…]

How Toastmasters helped me with public speaking

I just learned how to ride a bike. It was not easy. Learning to ride a bike at any age can be frightening. Doing it at my age, which sits snuggly right between 24 and 64, was rather daunting. The thought of falling, breaking my bones and, perish the thought, of something happening to my[…]

Clara Bellino – Singer, Songwriter and Actor

Full Name: Clara Bellino Country of Origin: France Website: YouTube channel: Clara Bellino moved to Northern California at age 17. She has played many benefits across the U.S. and toured France, the Northwest and the California Coast in support of her third release: “This Is Happiness – Hand In Hand”. She sings pop[…]

Mila Hutchinson – Massage therapist and Wellness blogger

Full Name: Mila Hutchinson Country of Origin: Belarus Profession: Massage threrapist and Blogger for a wellness and holistic website Website: 1. What made you move to the USA? Which city did you move to? Was the move to the USA hard for you? When I was fourteen, my mom got laid off her work[…]

Learn to laugh by Tresa Eyres

When we leave our country of origin to live and work in another, we expect to encounter life-changing experiences. As one saying goes, “What doesn’t kill us makes us smarter and stronger!” I love to recall a story from my first weeks as an expatriate wife. The lessons of that day continue to shape my[…]

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